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Tomskcable reduces price for aluminum and copper conductor cable.


We are waiting for your order for cable and wiring products, we will prepare quotation for you at the good price!

You can send your order to your manager or by e-mail cable@tomskcable.ru

Tomskcable always glad to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our advantages:

-        Individual customer support.

-        Optimal production time.

-        Flexible payment system.

-        Wide range of mass produced products (over 150 000-brand sizes).

-        Cooperation with test center of cable products.

-         Wide geography of deliveries.

-        In the last three years, the factory has been the leader in sales in the group of control cables, which means the best price offer on the market.

You can find the product catalogue on our website: www.tomskcable.ru/catalog/

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