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Equipment for cable production

Tomsk Cable Plant designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality equipment for cable production. The product range includes band rods, extrusion heads, receiving and giving devices, crimping devices, mandrels and dies. When designing equipment, we rely on real experience in the manufacture of cable products. Each node and unit before being launched into the series is being tested at the Tomskkabel plant. As a manufacturer of cables and wires, in the development and production of equipment we focus on durability, reliability and cost of equipment. & Nbsp;

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 Paramonov Vyacheslav Yuryevich

Product Characteristic Links
Extrusion head (for cable production) E40 S5М.001.   Specifications
Extrusion head (for cable production) S5 CAL-150.05.   Specifications
Extrusion head (for cable production) & nbsp; S5 KEL-120.4   Specifications
Extrusion head (for cable production) & nbsp; S5 CAL-70 / 1,005   Specifications
Dorn and matrix S5 CAL-70_4.000.00.001,
S5 CAL-70 /,
S5 CAL - 90 /,
S5 CAL-70 /,
S5 CAL-70 /,
S5 CAL-70_4.000.00.002,
S5 CAL-70 /,
S5 CAL - 70 /,
TC PRCH.000.00.401
Thrust tape TL-875   Specifications
Thrust tape TL-600   Specifications
Coil Dispenser T8 CFT 1S 006   Specifications
The device giving DSM-1250   Specifications
The device giving TPNM S1.01 & nbsp;   Specifications
Crimping device LF73.36.TS5.024   Specifications
Receiving device S7 630/10   Specifications
Receiving device & nbsp; PU-1600   Specifications
Milling machine for cutting waste cable production & nbsp; OHL S5 01.00.000SB   Specifications
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