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Opening of the POWEREXPO ALMATY 2022 exhibition


Tomskcable takes part in the 20th anniversary Powerexpo Almaty 2022 exhibition.


From September 28 to 30 Tomskcable specialists will be glad to meet you at the stand № B02 by address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, KCDC “Atakent”.

At the exhibition, we will present for you:

-           “TOFLEX R” production, shaft cable, wiring cable, ethylene-propylene rubber insulated mounting cables, solar panels connection power cables, motor to frequency converter connection cables; oil-submersible cable, ship cable, rolling stock cables;       

-          Product examples of the main nomenclature group: power cable, control cable, wires and middle-voltage cables.

We are waiting for you at Powerexpo Almaty 2022 exhibition!

For a free visit use promo code PWRFU77UBA and get e-ticket on the website www.powerexpo.kz/ru/posetitelyam/poluchite-bilet-na-vystavku

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