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Tomskcable took part in the Siberian Energy Forum.


Tomskcable specialists worked at the Siberian Energy Forum stand from 23 to 25 November.

As the Head of Eastern Sales E.B. Krupitsky says, “The forum was success. We presented our new TOFLEX® developments, this includes shaft cable, mounting cable, EPR,EMS,SOLAR,KS,SRGK,PPsPP. The forum provided opportunity to meet existing customers and find potential ones and to find out the actual needs of customers and take this into account in new developments of the cable nomenclature as part of the import substitution program”.

According to the results of the exhibition, LLC “Tomskcable” was awarded Diploma for participation in specialized exhibitions “Electrical engineering. Energy. Automation. Lighting engineering” and “Oil. Gas. Chemistry” in Krasnoyarsk.

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