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Power cables shielded for connecting electric motors to TOFLEX EMC frequency converters

Cables are intended for stationary and non-stationary laying, connection of electric motors to frequency converters for rated voltage 0.66 / 1 kV of alternating current with frequency up to 30 kHz or direct voltage up to 1.5 kV.

Cable management conductors are designed to transmit electrical signals from sensors controlling a nominal voltage of up to 0.5 kV AC at a frequency of up to 400 Hz or a direct voltage of up to 0.75 kV.

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  • Specially designed cable design, based on the most advanced materials, guarantees a longer service life compared to common industrial cables.
  • The combined shield provides protection against internal and external electromagnetic interference (GOST R 51524-2012) by 100% shielding the cable with foil and minimizing the electrical resistance of the wire braid over the entire cable length, ensuring effective shield grounding along the cable length.
  • The symmetrical arrangement of the main phase conductors and the split earth conductor aligns the capacitive currents in phases, preventing cable skewing and overheating at high frequencies.
  • The use of modern insulation materials with improved technical characteristics allows to reduce the insulation capacity and reduce leakage currents. Thus, the useful cable length increases, the effect of high-frequency noise is reduced and the maximum current load increases.
  • Flexible cable design for ease of installation and installation.
  • The outer sheath allows you to operate the cable when exposed to lubricating oils.
  • Cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation are acceptable for use in hazardous areas of all classes.
  • The cable does not propagate burning during group laying and complies with fire hazard class according to GOST 31565:
    "Ng (A)", "ng (A) -HL" - fire hazard class P1b.;
    "Ng (A) -LS", "ng (A) -LS-HL" - fire hazard class P1b.;
    "Ng (A) -HF", "ng (A) -HF-HL" - fire hazard class P1b.

Today the most popular global manufacturers of cables for connecting electric motors to frequency converters:

  • LAPP (Germany) - ÖLFLEX SERVO
  • Helukabel (Germany) - Topflex

In terms of their design and technical characteristics, power cables shielded for connecting electric motors to frequency converters TOFLEX EMC is a competitive product in relation to foreign representatives.

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