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Power cables with high-strength ethylene-propylene rubber insulation HEPR TOFLEX R

Power cables are designed for connection to devices and distribution devices with a rated alternating voltage of 1 kV and 3 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Cables with copper conductors can be used in hazardous areas of classes 0, 1, 2 according to GOST IEC 60079-10-1.

TOFLEX P cables withstand elevated ambient temperatures, which allows them to be used at the facilities of metallurgical enterprises. The insulation of high-strength ethylene-propylene rubber ensures uninterrupted cable operation at operating conductor temperatures up to 90 ° С, with peak values ​​up to 130 ° С, and satisfies high values ​​of permissible current load, leaving a good margin of safety. In addition, EPR insulation provides short circuit resistance at temperatures up to 250 ° C.

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Specifications   TOFLEX P SPE PVC Note

Heat resistance

90 90 70

Higher current loads, respectively, less volume of combustible mass


  Good Average Average

High flexibility reduces installation time

Overload mode, ° С

  130 130 80

Higher temperatures provide additional margin (18-25%) for CL bandwidth

Short circuit mode, ° С

  250 250 160

A higher temperature increases the reliability of the CL in emergency mode.

Fire load of insulation material, kWh / kg

  6.4 12.2 -

It is important to consider when designing facilities where it is necessary to reduce the volume of combustible mass.

Installation temperature, ° С

  –35 -20 -15

Safety of installation in winter conditions. No additional pre-heating facilities required.

Operating temperature, ° С

  –65 -50 -50

Ability to operate in arctic climates

The possibility of use in hazardous areas of all classes

  Yes no (ПУЭ p.7.3.102.) Yes

Halogen content

  No Not Yes

Halogen gases cause accelerated corrosion of metal structures and electrical equipment.

Life time

  35 thirty thirty

Today the most popular global manufacturers of cables with insulation made of ethylene-propylene rubber:

  • Nexans (Germany)
  • Prysmian (Italy)
  • Tele-Fonika Cable (Poland)
  • Tratos (England)
  • NOVKABEL (Serbia)

According to its technical characteristics, power cables with high-strength ethylene-propylene rubber insulation HEPR TOFLEX R are superior to cables with PVC insulation and cross-linked polyethylene. And also are competitive products in relation to foreign representatives.

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