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Cables for underground mine workings TOFLEX KGSHREKP

In 2015, Tomsk Cable Plant LLC launched the production of serial flexible power cables for 1140 and 3300 V of the TOFLEX KGShREKP brand (TU 3541-066-12427382-2015).

The cables are intended for non-stationary installation and connection of mobile machines and electrical equipment in underground workings for a voltage of 1140 and 3300 V AC at 50 Hz frequency under conditions of increased mechanical loads. Cable management conductors are designed to power auxiliary equipment for a voltage of 220 V AC at 50 Hz.

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Cable construction Benefits
compared to KGES
Conductive core Copper / copper tinned, 6th class of flexibility in accordance with GOST 22483 More flexible, less bend radius, more number of bends and kinks, ease of laying and installation
  Insulation Ethylene Propylene Rubber (HEPR) Long-term permissible temperature on the core is not more than 90˚С against 70˚С at rubber RTI-1 or RTI-1C. Thus, the permissible current load of the cable is 20% higher.
  Management Vests & nbsp; Special construction of cores located in the space between the main conductors Resistance to high tensile loads
  Screen & nbsp; Combined screen for the main conductors of the winding semiconducting tape and braid copper / copper tinned wires and synthetic threads. Providing slip veins during bending / bending of the cable.
  Armor Flexible combined water blocking protective cover. High resistance to tearing of rock and pushing when a truck is hit; prevent the spread of moisture to the control cabinets.
  Shell Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. High technology and material performance; tensile strength higher by 3.5 times; elongation at break higher than 2 times; tear resistance is 3 times higher; high abrasion resistance, Shore A 83 hardness. Material properties allow to reduce the thickness of the shell and the dimensions of the cable while maintaining the protective properties.

In addition, the advantages of the TOFLEX KGSHREKP cable include high bending resistance. The test results guarantee at least 10,000 cycles of bends, which increases the service life of cables by 2.5 times compared with cables of the KGESh brand (at least 4,000 cycles). The minimum bending radius equal to not less than 2.5 outer cable diameters (KGESH - not less than 5 outer diameters) allows the cable to be used in cable laying systems with a bending diameter of 300-400 mm.

Today, the most popular global manufacturers of mine cables:

  • BITNER (Poland) - BiTflex;
  • Prysmian Group (Italy) - PROTOMONT;
  • Nexans (France) - NSSHOEU and others.

By its design and technical characteristics, the mine cable of the TOFLEX KGShREKP brand completely exceeds the characteristics of the domestic analogue of KGESH, and is a competitive product in relation to foreign representatives.

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